What Are the Advantages of Music for Aging Adults with Alzheimer’s?

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Advantages of Music for Seniors with Alzheimer’s? in Huntsville, AL

Listening to music does more than provide enjoyment. The purposeful activity can also bring back memories and emotions for older adults with Alzheimer’s. The ability to listen to music and repeat lyrics they hear are some of the most reliable cognitive skills in seniors with this disease. Learn how music can help your aging loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.

Leads to Better Communication

Seniors with Alzheimer’s often have difficulty putting words together to form proper sentences. As the disease progresses, your parent may have difficulty comprehending others, which may be frustrating and cause behavioral issues. However, listening to music might calm your loved one’s nerves and provide another way to communicate. Music allows seniors with Alzheimer’s to share their intentions, emotions, and desires without spoken language. The ability to use music to interact with others is vital to mental health when traditional communication methods are negatively affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

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Enhances Focus

Concentration problems are common in Alzheimer’s, making it challenging for older adults to complete many of their daily tasks. While the issues vary from person to person, the focusing abilities of almost all seniors are impacted at some point. Music can activate both sides of the brain at the same time. The activation of these hemispheres can maximize concentration skills as well as memory and learning abilities. The tunes can keep your loved one awake and alert because music increases the release of dopamine, which is a chemical that can increase attention span.

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Reduces Stress

The emotional and behavioral benefits music provides to seniors with Alzheimer’s are some of the top reasons to add music therapy to your loved one’s weekly activities. The tempos of the songs, particularly slower tunes, can calm the mind and relax muscles throughout the body, including the brain. As a result, less cortisol is produced, and stress levels may reduce significantly. When stress isn’t managed correctly, it can cause Alzheimer’s to progress at a rapid rate. Too much anxiety can also increase the risk of depression. However, listening to music can soothe the mind and lower the risk of combative behavior.

Triggers Memories

While your parent may not remember people or familiar places, he or she might remember the words of classic songs. Music memory is often preserved in individuals with Alzheimer’s because the connections in the brain related to musical memory are somewhat undamaged. When listening to music, your loved one can connect the words and sounds with things from the past, especially happy memories. Encourage your loved one to listen to music a few times each week, play musical instruments, or join a senior-friendly music group that allows him or her to interact with others.

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