Gleria Anderson
President and Director of Operations

I retired from the United States Army after honorably serving 22 years as a Logistics Management Specialist. During my out-processing briefing, there were several fast food vendors seeking retirees to buy franchises. I thought about it for years and recently started to research a franchise that would best fit my passion and something I could leave for my children. I reached out to a franchise consultant (Chad Olson) who from a series of questions researched and provided several franchise opportunities that he felt would fit my personality and passion. I had phone interviews with several Franchises, but when I spoke with the Home Care Assistance Team I knew I’d found the right one. They were all passionate people who were about taking care of our seniors. Their mission is to provide seniors with quality care, which enables them to live happier, healthier lives at home. I thought, “That’s it! That’s what I want to do”. Now I work with a team of experts who are striving to “Change the way the world ages”.

Tommy Anderson
Owner/Client Care Manager

I retired after honorably serving 22 years in the United States Army Aviation and my lifelong dream was to own a business in order to provide quality service to my surrounding community. I was introduced to Home Care Assistance in which I felt an instant connection to its spirited approach to “changing the way the world ages”.

My years in the military have afforded me the opportunity to serve my country, family, church and local community with the overarching desire to make a positive difference whenever possible. I’ve also realized my true desire is to help seniors age gracefully while maintaining their dignity. This realization to assist aging seniors has stemmed from the personal experience of viewing my parents as they’ve aged. Through this personal experience, I strive to achieve my daily goal of “Changing the way the World Ages”.

Lillie Rogers
Employee Care Manager

My name is Lillie Rogers and I am 34 years young from Kalamazoo, MI. I am the Employee Care Manager of Home Care Assistance of Huntsville, Al.

I attended Kalamazoo Valley Community College after high school to complete my prerequisites for nursing. From there, in 2005 I obtained my Certification for my CNA and have been working in healthcare since I was Certified. Apart from serving my First Love, which Is Jesus, I have a strong passion to help give older adults who have struggled with cognitive impairment, quality care that enables them to stay at home. In addition, my passion and new position as ECM allows me to recruit other CNA's and Caregivers who share the same passion as I have. As the need for Home Care grows, I am determined to serve our clients with compassion and devotion and helping them to thrive.

Outside of work, I am committed to spending quality time and creating lasting memories with my 4 vibrant children and my loving and caring husband of 16 years. We love playing classic board games and having dance challenges (which I always win)! Anything to keep us moving and laughing. I look forward to perusing my dreams in the Healthcare Industry by creating witty and innovative ideas for the best quality care of life for seniors and for their overall health and wellbeing. I am blessed to be able to take part in helping to Change The Way The World Ages!

Nursing Assistant

I began my career in long-term care at age 15 working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in my local Good Samaritan Nursing Home in the small town of Westbrook, Minnesota. After graduating high school in 2013, I began my studies in pre-nursing at Middle Tennessee State University. I then pursued and achieved a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Biology and Public Health at Minnesota State University. Growing up in rural Minnesota, I developed a love for everything outdoors. I grew up picking rock in the fields during the heat of summer and helping my grandparents in the gardens. Those experiences in my own career endeavors and with my grandparents have given me the desire to live a healthy active lifestyle and encourage others to do the same. My belief in this way of life and my experience in healthcare has given me the qualities to be a great addition to the Home Care Assistance family.