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A diagnosis of dementia causes a great deal of uncertainty. Families wonder about the future and feel conflicted when it comes to making decisions about how and where their loved one will live. Finding reliable support is increasingly important, and it often makes a significant difference in quality of life for the senior and the family unit. At Home Care Assistance of Huntsville, AL, we understand how important choosing a caregiver is. As experts in memory care, our professional dementia caregivers provide compassionate support at home that reduces stress and makes your loved one’s life—and yours—easier.

Dementia Care Huntsville
Huntsville Dementia Care

Customizable Dementia Care Plans Make Aging in Place a Reality

The progressive nature of dementia often makes it difficult to anticipate a senior’s needs from day to day. Having one-on-one care in the home and a customized plan makes it possible to adapt to these changing needs while also monitoring the senior’s condition to ensure safety and comfort. At Home Care Assistance Huntsville, our Care Managers work closely with seniors, families, and medical professionals to develop a precise care plan to meet a variety of care needs and personal goals. As the disease progresses and needs change, the care plan can be reviewed and modified. This supports aging in place and provides important peace of mind to seniors and their families.

Revolutionary Memory Care Promotes Emotional Wellbeing

In addition to meeting basic needs, our dementia care plans create a positive environment that focuses on what seniors with dementia can do. Our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM) is an important component in creating such an environment. All of our dementia caregivers are trained in CTM, and they utilize it in the homes of our memory care clients to engage them, stimulate brain functioning, and slow cognitive decline.

Dementia Care Huntsville, AL
Dementia Care Huntsville Alabama

Flexible In-Home Dementia Care Available 24/7

The flexibility of our memory care programs is another attribute families appreciate. Seniors with dementia sometimes experience sundowner’s syndrome or shifts in their sleep-wake cycles. This poses conflicts for family caregivers who must wake up early or maintain routines for work or personal reasons. With support from Home Care Assistance in Huntsville, seniors are supervised and assisted in the middle of the night, early morning, or whenever they need help the most. This makes it possible for family members to sleep soundly and maintain their own routines while knowing their loved ones are safe and cared for.

When presented with a diagnosis of dementia, approach the future with confidence. Huntsville Home Care Assistance is here to help. To learn more about our memory care services or our specialized stroke and Parkinson’s care, call (256) 716-9940 and request a complimentary consultation today.