5 Interesting Activities for Bedridden Seniors

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Activities for bedridden adults.

There are a variety of issues that can cause seniors to become bedridden, ranging from nerve disorders to broken bones. In addition to the physical difficulties of being bedbound, seniors may also experience depression or other issues when they don’t get enough mental stimulation. Being bedbound doesn’t mean having to lie around being bored all day. There are plenty of great activities seniors can do to entertain and educate themselves while they stay in bed.

1. Try a New Craft or Hobby

Being bedbound can be a great time to get into a new hobby. There are many fun activities, such as knitting or assembling models, that can be done in bed. Seniors can also use the Internet to do things such as hunt down collectible objects or learn new skills from other hobbyists. Having a hobby to pass the time gives seniors something to look forward to each day.

2. Solve a Puzzle

Seniors can pick from a variety of brain teasers to pass the time. Classic options such as crossword puzzles or Sudoku are simple activities that only require a pen and paper, or you can set up a folding tray with a jigsaw puzzle for your senior loved one. Solving puzzles is a good way to retain cognitive function in the golden years, and time can fly by when focused on a puzzle.

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3. Play Video Games

If you can convince your loved one to learn the technology required for video games, it can be a truly fantastic activity for a bedbound senior. Playing games lets seniors socialize with friends and refine their hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, and memory skills. Since video games are more active than watching television, they encourage seniors to use their brains.

4. Read a Good Book

Even seniors who never enjoyed reading before may end up finding it’s a great way to spend their time. Following a story provides more mental engagement than watching television, so it exercises the brain. There’s more than one way for seniors to enjoy a story. For those with mobility or eyesight issues that make it challenging to read a physical book, consider playing an audiobook. 

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5. Socialize with Visitors

Humans are naturally social, so spending time with friends and family members is important for a bedbound senior’s wellbeing. Take the time to coordinate regular visits with people your loved one cares for. If your loved one doesn’t have friends and family in the area, try setting up a video call or check with the local senior organization to see if volunteers can come and spend time with him or her.

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